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Welcome to our web page. Rugby club Ljubljana is one of the most successful rugby clubs in the region. Since Slovenia's independence in 1991 we have won majority of national championships, 2x Interleague (clubs from Croatia, Bosnia an Slovenia) and Middle-European championship (clubs from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia).

Nowadays the club is is among top 5 clubs in Regional rugby championship league. Every year we host lots of foreign clubs on tour that are more than welcome to visit us.

Rugby Club Ljubljana
Ob Kamniski progi 1
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, Europe

GSM: +386(0)70837136



GPS coordinates of the field: 46.103474,14.447174

Executive committee:

  • President: Jasmin Suljič

  • Vice president: Darko Maslakovič
  • President of the Supervisor Board: Nace Kirn

Coach team:

  • 1st XV Coach: Andrew Fenton

  • Junior Coach U18: Siniša Đukič

  • Junior Coaches U10-U14: Siniša Đukič

Club History

It all started in 1962 when the first rugby game was held in Ljubljana. Little later a group of students, who liked rugby very much, established Ljubljana Rugby club, which soon became part of 'Želežničarski atletski klub' Ljubljana (ŽAK - athletic club).

For the next couple of years the club participated in 1st Yugoslav rugby division and was ranked between 3rd and 6th place.

In 1978 the name of the club had been changed to Ljubljana Koloys and later to RFC Koloys, due to the sponsorship deal with Koloys.

The youth team was more successful. They won Yugoslavian cup, and became national champions in 1974 and 1981.

The biggest success of senior team happened in year 1986 when Ljubljana beat Nada from Split 4:3 in the final of Yugoslavian 'Maršal Tito' cup !

After that success Ljubljana Koloys became one of the best clubs in competition, and was ranked between 2nd an 4th place.

In 1991 Slovenia gained independence and Slovenian rugby went through some difficult times.

The club had to look for new competitions and after uniting with RK Bežigradin 1992 under the name RFC Green Dragons the team joined Adria league where they competed with Austrian clubs. RFC Green Dragons won the Adria League in seasons 92/93 and 93/94.

In 1995 the club reformed and renamed to RK Ljubljana and later to RK DHLLjubljana due to a sponsorship deal.
RK Ljubljana and RK Bežigrad joined Croatian teams in Adria League which RKLjubljana has won 4 times. 

Nowadays the club is is among top 5 clubs in Regional rugby championship league.